Healthy Tips For Breastfeeding After Cancer In 2023

Tips for breastfeeding after breast cancer treatment

Once the breast cancer treatment is over, and the doctor gives a go ahead, you can attempt feeding. But don’t be hesitant about using other sources of infant feeds. Dr Chaturvedi says other feeds are mainly formula feeds available in the market for newborns. They are better for moms who are in any active cancer treatment because you do not want any transmission via breast milk of anti-cancer drugs to the newborn.

If you still wish to breastfeed after breast cancer treatment, you can do the following:

• Be gentle with your breasts, and don’t go about rubbing nipples with a dry towel to prepare for breastfeeding.
• Breast lobes get damaged by the cancer treatment, but they do adjust and dry up. So, use cold packs to ease discomfort.
• Get your hands on a good quality breast pump to help you get as much milk as possible from the breast that’s producing less milk.

But if you are not able to breastfeed because of breast cancer treatment, don’t feel guilty.

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