Healthy Strategies Against Malaria(2023)

WHO strategies that have worked against malaria

In the global framework for the response to malaria in urban areas by WHO, the following are some approaches and interventions that worked to prevent malaria:

Environmental management

  • Urban agriculture without surface water accumulation
  • Better water storage or installation of piped water
  • Improved drainage
  • Improved housing with screens
  • Improved sanitation and waste management
  • Filling of stagnant water sources and swamp areas
  • Other construction activities that eliminate potential breeding sites

Chemical and microbial control

  • Proper ground surveillance of possible larval habits to help direct larviciding
  • ITNs and IRS in pockets of moderate and high transmission
  • Reactive IRS for outbreak response


For the unintiated, chemoprevention is the use of medication and other supplements to prevent cancer from happening. According to WHO, it can help in areas where P. falciparum transmission rates are moderate and high :

  • In some settings, targeted reactive drug administration
  • Intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy
  • Depending on seasonality, perennial or seasonal chemoprevention where there is a clear indication of a high burden of severe disease in children under the age of 5 years


  • WHO recommends the use of of RTS,S malaria vaccine in areas with moderate to high P. falciparum transmission to protect children under the age of 5. Other vaccinations under development might also be useful.
Vaccine to eradicate malaria in India. 

Behavioural change

  • Social and behavioural change messaging, such as the proper application of preventative and case management interventions, are used to raise public awareness of malaria and to engage the public in the response.
  • Messages aimed at business and industry to encourage their participation in and support of the fight against malaria in urban areas

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