Healthy Breakfast Tips That Will Help You To Choose The Best Cereal(2023)


1. Read the nutritional label to choose a healthy breakfast cereal
How much sugar does it have? How many calories does it contain? How much of it is carbohydrates, proteins, fibres and fats? Make a purchase only when you get satisfactory answers for these questions.

2. The first three ingredients are the most important
Make sure you read the top three ingredients on the cereal box. It must have natural unprocessed grains that offer fibre as compared to quick oats or just plain flour cereal.

3. The lesser the ingredients, the more natural your cereal
Choose a cereal which has less than five ingredients–all of which are completely natural. Big numbers and alien-sounding words are mostly artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives, and stabilizers. Get the most natural cereal possible.

DIY your cereal
Instead of searching the earth and moon for something natural and healthy, make your own cereal at home. You just need this breakfast cereal recipe to make it happen:


5 tbsp rolled oats
2 tbsp chopped mixed nuts (walnuts, almonds, and pistachios)
2 tsp mixed seeds (sunflower, melon, and flax seeds)
1 tbsp stevia powder or jaggery
1 tsp natural vanilla extract

1. Mix all the ingredients together and dry roast on a pan for five to seven minutes.
2. Add milk of your choice and top with chopped fresh fruits.

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