Health Reasons Why You Should Stretch In The Morning(2023)

Reasons Why You Should stretch in the morning

“During sleep, the body temperature drops because of long inactive hours, which shortens and tightens the muscles. Therefore, stretching in the morning is a must.”

Try out morning stretches to give a better start to your day. 

1. Reduces risk of inflammation and injury

Narang says, “Morning stretches reduce the inflammation and lubricate the joints, thus reducing joint and muscle aches.” Alongside, even if you are someone who does not perform extensive workouts, injuries can happen anytime. You might bend your body in a weird motion or get your twisted while walking, no one is immune!

So, morning stretches strengthen and lengthen the muscles, reducing the risk of injury. This makes stretching in the morning an effective way to prep your body for the day by reducing the chances of injuries. That way, you will have better motion and enhanced flexibility when morning stretching is a daily ritual.

2. Activates parasympathetic nervous system

Do you wake up every single day feelings sluggish and fatigued? Also, do you also struggle to keep up with good energy throughout the day? If that’s your case, morning stretching is a must for you. It is a low-impact way to shake your body and is an effective way to get a sudden boost of energy in the morning.

“It activates the parasympathetic nervous system and increases blood circulation in the body. Alongside, stretching energizes you for the day,” asserts the expert.

3. An open body equals an open mind

“An open body leads to an open mind, thus giving birth to fresh/new thoughts. You are then all set to start your day with a new perspective, “tells the noted expert. Any form of workout in the morning will open up the stiff muscles of your body. Once your body loosens up, it gets new space for new energies. People who work out in the morning tend to have a broader take on life as a workout helps them invite and shift to newer perspectives easily.

Stretching in the morning opens up your mind and loosens tight muscles.

4. Helps relieve stress

Even something as short as 10 minutes of stretching in the morning can help lower your stress levels and anxiety. Even if you bask in the knowledge of the fact that you are taking a moment out for yourself and your body, that will help! If you want to make your morning stretching session soothing, you may play some relaxing or calming music to get you in the mood. Or, you may try certain sounds like Tibetan bowls if you battle anxiety issues.

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