Health Effects Of Overusing Twister For Flat Belly(2023)


Here’s what overusing twister can lead to

• Overuse of the twist board may lead to a lower back injury. Repeated twisting may create back strains or sprains.
• Twisting at the knees may lead to a strain or during a meniscus tear. Remember your hips also rotate in the middle.
• If you’ve got a situation that causes dizziness, the twist board might not be right for you.
Having said that, some twister moves are not bad. Use these tips to ace them
• Experiment with foot placement: The way you stand can affect your ability to balance.
• Experiment with arm placement: This could also facilitate your balance more effectively.
• Start rocking slowly from side to side: This can help to acclimatize you to the board. Keep your knees slightly bent to avoid injury. This could facilitate your body’s response to the movement of the board.
• Tighten your core muscles to stay engaged: This can help provide stability and balance.

Ditch twister and do these exercises to get a flatter belly and a stronger core

  1. Twisting crunch cum sit-up: This one is a mix of sit-up crunch and a twist. Basically, take a full sit-up and while going back, hold halfway and take a twist.
  2. Seated rotation: Sit on the floor and bend your back at 45 degrees. Lift your legs and maintain the stance. Put your hands behind the neck and rotate from left to right.
  3. Russian twists: Go in a basic forearm plank. Lift your hips up a little and twist them from left to right.
  4. Criss cross/Bicycle crunches: Lie down on a mat, put your hand below your neck, and now move your legs alternatively as if you are riding a bicycle. Try to touch your elbow with the knee for better results.
  5. Standing Bar twist: Take a rod, place it behind your neck, wrap your arms and hold it properly. Keep your legs shoulder-width apart, and bend side to side.

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