Health Effects Of Hepatitis A And E On Pregnancy(2023)

Effects of hepatitis A and E on pregnancy

Hepatitis A and E can be acquired through contaminated food and water. Poor sanitary conditions, eating under-cooked food, poor hand washing habits, raw fruits and vegetables if not cleaned properly and endemic areas, make pregnant women more vulnerable to the infection. Being in close proximity, sharing towels, etc. of patients of Hepatitis A and E can also transmit the virus.

Hepatitis A usually is self-limiting and doesn’t have long term effects on the liver. Anti-Hepatitis A vaccine is available and advisable to all high-risk patients. Rarely it may progress to acute liver failure requiring Liver transplant. Hepatitis E is the more dreaded of the two and can lead to rapid liver failure with a mortality risk upto 10-15 percent. Currently there is no specific antidote or approved vaccine available in India for Hepatitis E.

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