Health Benefits Of Tongue Scraping For Oral Hygiene In 2023

Benefits of tongue scraping for oral hygiene

To keep up with oral hygiene, we have to follow other practises apart from simple brushing. Let us tell you some of the benefits of tongue scraping.

1. Tongue scraping effectively removes harmful bacteria

Tongue scraping is important for oral hygiene due to its ability to effectively remove harmful bacteria, dead cells and food particles that accumulate on the surface of the tongue. These deposits can cause discoloration of the tongue or can also turn it yellow which is known as “tongue paste”. If left unattended, this coating can harbour harmful bacteria, contributing to bad breath (halitosis) and potentially causing oral health problems, says the expert.

2. Tongue scraping can enhance sense of taste

According to research, scraping your tongue twice a day can better your sense of taste. Your tongue would be able to differentiate between bitter, sour, salty, and sweet sensations.

3. Your tongue looks so much better

Accumulation of excess debris on the tongue can cause it to look white or yellow in appearance. Regular scraping can prevent this bacteria build-up.

4. Improves overall health

By getting rid of your oral bacteria, you can prevent cavities, gum diseases and other health conditions that can take birth in your mouth.

5. Curbs bad breath

Even though tongue scraping can’t replace the boons of regular brushing, scraping can be more effective than brushing when it comes to eradicating odour-causing bacteria.

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