Health Benefits Of Performing These Major 3 Exercise Like Kriti Sanon(2023)

Here are the benefits of certain exercises that Kriti can be seen doing:
1. Kickboxing

Kriti is one of those actresses who do kickboxing workouts to keep their bodies in shape. If we talk about its benefits, kickboxing engages all the muscles in your body and helps with toning. It is a full-body workout that can really amp things up! Kickboxing is great for your heart health and acts as a stress buster. That makes you sleep better, build muscle strength and balance, and this full-body aerobic exercise also helps to burn calories faster.

Kickboxing rocks!
2. Yoga

In the video, Kriti performed the yoga asanas Chakrasana, also known as backbend or wheel pose. A yoga pose that will help you scoop out all that unnecessary fat in your body. It is one of the best stretches, reduces stiffness in your body, tones the abdominal region, cures backache, relieves stress, and what’s more, strengthens your body!

3. Stretching

If those long hours of work are becoming a pain in any particular region of your body, then give a chance to do stretching exercises. You should incorporate some stretching exercises into your daily workouts. Stretching helps to improve flexibility, range of motion, improve posture, increase blood flow to your muscles and can calm your mind.

Hope you’ll take some inspiration from Kriti.

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