Health Benefits Of Doing Butterfly Pose(2023)

Benefits of doing the butterfly pose

From improving flexibility to reducing back pain, this pose provides a variety of benefits:

1. Reduces back pain

This pose helps people dealing with back pain issues, as it stretches and engages the lower back muscles without adding extra pressure on the hamstrings. As the pose requires placement of the heels close to the pelvis area, the lower back gets adequately lengthened and the back muscles are relieved of stress and pressure.

Butterfly pose can save you from back pain by relaxing the muscles. 

2. Lowers stress levels and helps with headaches

Butterfly pose releases tension from the neck, back and head and this helps reduce the severity of headaches as oxygen reaches the brain more easily. Also, regular breathing while performing the asana is a great way to release anxiety and tranquillity.

3. Strengthens inner thigh area

As legs have to be placed close to the inner thigh area, the muscles, joints, and connective tissues get engaged and strengthened as a result of prolonged holding of this posture.

4. Improves reproductive health

The butterfly pose improves the functioning of the ovaries as it helps increase blood circulation to the reproductive system. This further boosts fertility levels as the overall health of the reproductive system improves due to more blood and oxygen reaching it.

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