Health Benefits For Drinking Water For Skin(2023)

Health Benefits Of Drinking Water For Skin In 2023

Your body is made up of 70 percent water, which is why it is an essential nutrient or ingredient for humans to function properly. Since the skin is the mirror to the internal body and mind, having a healthy body will reflect on your skin. That being said, water does not directly benefit the skin. However, water is essential for performing bodily functions and ensuring that all organs perform to their optimum capacity. But many people feel that drinking enough water will reverse their wrinkles, fine lines, or ageing, which sadly will not happen.

Our skin is made up of seven layers, which include the epidermis and dermis. The lower layers are alive and need water, hydration and a balanced diet. However, The topmost layer is dead and needs to be moisturised and prevented from environmental factors like pollution. As a skincare routine, applying water on top and locking it with a moisturiser is essential.

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