50 happy new month messages for your lover in the month of August 2020

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50 happy new month messages for your lover in the month of August 2020

1. When I look at the world through your eyes even as each month slowly passes by, it’s like I’m seeing it for the first time. Happy New Month Baby.

2. Having to wait a year to thank God for having you is having to wait a lifetime to be grateful for the best thing in my life, so I do it every month. Happy New Month darling.

3. My love for you has only grown stronger each day than the previous day, each week than the previous week and each month that the previous month. Happy New month boo

4. My very own perfectly mixed flavour. You just get sweeter and sweeter as the month goes by. Happy New month honey

5. I thought it was just my lips Until I felt my beating heart smiling too. Cheers to us as we journey through this month together. Happy new month

6. Love isn’t a game. I don’t think you get lucky, I think you get intentional. I want to get intentional with you this month and every other month. Happy New month dearest.

7. At the end of the month, i love you. middle of the month, I love you and at the start of a new month, I still love you. Happy new month baby.

8. I love you with every breath in my body, every fibre of my being and every beat of my heart. I would keep reminding you at the start of every month. Happy New month sweetie.

9. I remember vividly just when I met you. It was the start of a beautiful month and ever since then, the start of every month has just been beautiful with you in it. Happy New month my love.

10. I though Coldstone ice cream was sweet until I met you. Meeting you is the sweetest thing that ever happened to me. Happy New month sugar.


Happy new month message for the love of your life this August 2020

11. Every month marks a gradual journey to forever and When I think of forever I smile because you are mine forever. Happy New Month sugar pie

12. I want the text tone u get at the beginning of every month and every day that would make you smile to come from me. Happy New month my cupcake.

13. They say you fall in love once, but i keep falling in love with you all over again each time I see you. It’s the start of a new month, I thought I should remind you of that. Happy new month sunshine

14. Every month I remind myself of my goal to make sure you happy every single day. Its the start of a new month and hope you are happy. Happy New month hun

15. How many months have passed and you are still the one I want, still my inspiration and still the one I love for life. Happy New month my love

16. If you were a movie, I would make it my duty to watch you every month till the day I die. Happy New month My heartbeat

17. May this month include the whole year: may it be warm and shining like the summer sun, may it be colourful like autumn landscape, may it be charming like winter’s evening and may it be inspiring like awaking of nature in spring! Happy New month honeypie

18. Its a lovely new month and we made it again in good health and in love. May we wax strong in God’s love even as we start another month. Happy new month dearie.

19. I’ve asked mother-nature to put every other thing on hold until she’s sure this new month is loaded with goodies and packages specially designed for the one who completes me in every way possible. Happy new month, beautiful.

20. Not what we give but what we share. For the gift without the giver is just bare. I want to share my love with you this month and every other. Happy New Month


August 2020 happy new month wishes for your sweetheart

21. The coming of a new month has given me another reason to let you know just how much you mean to me. You make me happy in a thousand ways. I love you to the moon and back, and I have no idea what I would do, if I lost you, because I feel like I will lose my entire world. Happy new month my world!

22. I love your eyes, I love you smile, I cherish your ways, I adore your style.what can I say? You are one of a kind and 24/7 you are in mind. Happy New month Darling

23. God is heaven, God above. Please protect the babe I love, sent with a smile, sealed with a kiss. I love my sweetheart who is reading this. Happy new month baby

24. If you want to be happy for a day get a date, happy for a week, get a crush but happy every month each year. Then get a lover. Happy New Month my lover.

25. With each passing hour, each passing day, each passing week and each passing month, you are always on my mind. Happy new month my heartbeat.

26. Happy- Happy is how I want you to be every day
New – Brand new is how my love for you feels every day
Month- Every month I’d remind you but I’d show you every day

28. Lines as pleasant as you are falling in pleasant places for you this month. Happy new month dearie

29. It’s the start of another glorious month and I’ve gone down on my knees to commit everything that concerns me into God’s hands. And you are on the top of the list of everything that concerns me. So be rest assured this month is going to be an awesome one for you baby.

30. I send you this heart-warming felt message not just to say happy new month but to say I love you today and forever.


Happy new month messages for the girl/guy you love

31. This text brings love and best wishes this new month just for you. Happy New month dearest.

32. New month blessings to you my love, may God richly bless your everyday in this month with peace and happiness. Happy New month!

33. I love you not like. Flower because a flower dies in a season. I love you like a river cause a river flows forever and never die. So would your blessings this month and every month flow like a river ijn. Happy new month

34. Happy new month my strawberry. I hope this month brings you all of the goodies that are as sweet as you are.

35. I hope you know how special you are to me. Just in case you don’t I’m telling you now and u would continue to remind you for as long as I live. Happy New month dear

36. This new month would be filled with nothing but laughter for you my darling. Happy New month

37. Only good things come with sth new. So I hope you grab all of the lovely things that awaits you in this new month. Happy new month sweetheart

38. Just as you are special to me and the day we met is forever memorable, so would this month be special and memorable for you. Happy New month my dear

39. The way I wish you could see my heart and realize how much I love you is the same way I wish this new month would only mirror what I genuinely wish for you. Happy new month Angel

40. I know how much you smile when you get a text message from me. I hope this happy new month message puts a smile on your face.


Lovers happy new month wishes for August 2020

41. Baby this month you shall be blessed and not stressed, celebrated and not relegated because you are specially made by God. Happy new month Baby.

42. With every month that passes by, my love for you just keeps on growing. Happy new month baby, I love you

43. Its been a tough one for us but still, we always overcome. This new month would not be any different because we shall overcome like we always have. Happy new month dearie

44. Corona got nothing on us, baby, we are marching into this month and every other month till the end of the year gloriously IJN. Happy new month!

45. Last month was a month of promise, I hope this month would be a month of fulfilment. Happy new month baby

46. This month is going to be a month with new experiences. So don’t be scared and try out all of the things you haven’t and have a fun-filled month dear. Happy New Month!

47. Last month u were the first to welcome me to this month. Ur prayers and good wishes though you were uncertain of what the month may bring yet the month broth more than expected, smiles, health, joy and ur affection. I want to be the first to welcome you into the new month my love;  filled with bliss and happiness, health n wealth, answers to your prayers, my unconditional love and support,  happy new month baby

48. Hello August 2020, be nice to my baby for he is nice to me. Be filled with joy for my baby cause he gives me joy. June was good but August 2020 would be better. Happy new month my love

49. The beginning and ends of months are a mere identity of time in favour of the aspects of my life excluding you. Happy New Month my Heartthrob

50. With you, I’m willing to lose track of time, Cause I’m here to love you till forever ends and put a smile on your face every month. Nonetheless, happy new month lover.

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