Happy Hormone: How To Boost Happy Hormone In Your Body In 2023

Ways  You Can Boost Happy Hormones In Your Body

There are various ways in which one can learn to hack happy hormones in one’s body and decode the way to happiness.

Don’t worry, be happy! 

1. Dopamine

According to Dr Krishnan, “A chemical known as dopamine alerts the brain to pay attention and respond to rewards. We experience it when we are in love, listening to wonderful music, or eating chocolate. Dopamine is that.”

It is a kind of neurotransmitter. Your body generates it, and your nervous system makes use of it to transmit messages between nerve cells. This hormone plays a major role in helping us feel pleasure. It is also responsible for a human’s ability to plan and think. It helps you achieve focus, and find interest in things.

You can increase dopamine by:

• Listening to some good music.
• You can treat yourself to some sweets.
• Have a restful night’s sleep.
• Tick off something from your checklist, or finish off a little assignment.

2. Endorphins

“Your body naturally produces feel-good hormones called endorphins. When you engage in enjoyable activities like running, watching a hilarious movie, or listening to music, they are released. You feel serene and at ease after consuming these proteins, which also elevate your mood,” explains Dr Krishnan.

They are also known as natural pain relievers for the body. These chemicals are released in the body during pleasurable activities and also during painful experiences like when you twist your ankle.

Endorphins can be induced by:

• Running
• Using a diffuser to burn scented oil. Scents have been known to enhance mood and feel-good
• Eating dark chocolate
• Watching comedy movies or series

3. Oxytocin

The hormone oxytocin is sometimes also referred to as the “bliss hormone” or the “love hormone” The bloodstream receives it once the hypothalamus releases it. The pituitary gland receives the hormone and releases it into the body.

Through love and cuddling, happy hormones get released! 

You can activate oxytocin by:

• Pet a dog or a cat
• Give a hug to someone
• Make food for a loved one
• Clench hands

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