Happiness! Effects Of Happiness On Your Health(2023)

Effects of happiness on health

Positive psychology focuses on your inner strength and character traits that promote happiness and health, says Dr Gautam. Exercising, laughing, bonding, having social contacts, loving and caring for someone are activities that all increase the release of endorphins in the brain. They are endogenous neurotransmitters promoting happiness. You would know them as the happy hormones.

Having an optimistic outlook in life, being joyful and happy may help to improve heart health, decrease risk of stroke and heart attacks, improve sleep, prevent early onset of memory loss, promote healthier eating, prevent obesity and issues of chronic pain, and arthritis amongst other things.

Train your brain for happiness to be healthy. 

Happiness promotes a problem-solving approach, increases motivation to complete goals, helps in connecting with like-minded people, improves the immune functioning and overall leads to longer life spans.

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