Types of Hair Glues

Types of Hair Glues

1. Latex-based Glue

Latex-based adhesives are in liquid form and are used due to their potent properties, including moisture resistance. With exposure to heat, they form a rubber base that helps hold extensions to the scalp. Using this glue for hair extensions means your hairpiece will be protected for two to three weeks. For removing latex-based glue, it’s best to use soap and lukewarm water.

2. Silicone-based Glue

The difference between latex and silicone glue is that the latter holds extensions for up to six weeks. Also, no heat is required to harden this type of glue. The difficulty level of removing silicone-based glue from hair is a bit more as compared to latex. A solvent-based remover can help you soften the glue and pull it out of your hair.

3.  Keratin Polymer-based Glue

The glue hair removal process is really easy with keratin polymer-based glue. Crafted with a protein base, keratin polymer glues can be removed using warm water or a citrus-based solvent.


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