Guide On How To Do Stepper Jack For Weight Loss(2023)

Guide On how you can do a stepper jack

1. Take a stepper and place it vertically in front of you.
2. Now jump on the stepper, and then jump sideways in a way that the stepper is in the middle of both your legs. So, one leg would be on the right, and the other on the left of the stepper, and the stepper will be at the centre of both your legs.
3. Now bring your legs backward, lean on the stepper, and hold the stepper with your palms. Keep your legs straight.
4. Again with a jump, bring your legs on each side of the stepper. Jump on the stepper and then jump on the ground.

Now, repeat this move as fast as you can. Do 25 reps and five such sets to feel the burn.

It’s not at all a hard move but a smart move

You have to be very smart about choosing your weight loss exercise. Doing the same move over and over will bring stagnation and after sometime, you see no weight loss happening. Therefore, it is very important that every week you pick a cardio move, benefit from it, and then hop on to the next move.

Another misconception we have about cardio moves is that the harder it is, the more effective it will be. The truth is if you are not doing the move properly, then it will never give you what you are actually looking for. So, if you can’t pull off burpees, but are still at it, then there’s no point, because it won’t be as effective.

This stepper jack move will not just help you build your stamina but will also bestow you with the agility that you can use for other exercises that you refrain from doing. It will help in opening up your muscles, so that you can perfect the moves that you were unable to do.

Try this exercise for a month, and see how many burpees you can pull off after doing this.

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