Glute Bridge: Benefits Of Doing Glute Bridge(2023)

Benefits of doing the glute bridge

Don’t go by its name because this move doesn’t just shape up that butt but also contributes to tightening your tummy and toning the lower back. What’s more, it keeps your digestion in check!

Basically, when you contract and retract your core, the heat generated burns fat. The contraction and relaxation also impact the muscles which become tighter, giving you a flat tummy. The addition of the leg move by Preity is perfect because it pumps up the lower abdomen muscles. Overall, this move ensures that your core receives a powerful workout.

According to yoga expert Grand Master Akshar, the bridge pose has multiple benefits because it doesn’t just tighten the muscles but also regulates the flow of energy in your body.

Learn the art of working out for a perfect core from Preity Zinta!

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