Giloy: 5 Ways You Can Make Giloy In Your Diet(2023)


Giloy helps to remove toxins, purifies blood, and fights disease-causing bacteria. It is also particularly helpful for those with weak liver and can also combat liver diseases. Because giloy is antipyretic (i.e. can reduce fever), it ease the signs and symptoms of a number of life-threatening conditions such as dengue, swine flu, and Malaria.

Giloy may improve digestion, reduce constipation, bloating, acidity, and gas—and so it’s useful for those with a weak digestive system. Giloy also works to enhance your body’s response to insulin—thus reducing the incidence of diabetes. Moreover, it helps reduce mental stress, boosts your memory, calms you down, and makes a wonderful health tonic when combined with other herbs.

Now that you just what giloy can do for you, here are five easy ways of including this root in your diet:

1. For joint pain
Boil giloy stem powder with milk and drink the concoction for joint pain. You can combine it with ginger to treat rheumatism.

Giloy can do wonders for your overall health. 

2. For asthma
As asthma patients can chew on giloy root or even drink giloy juice to ease symptoms.

3. For better eyesight
Giloy extracts are applied to the eyes because they help boost vision clarity. Boil some giloy powder in water and let the mixture cool. Soak cotton pads in it and apply over your eyelids.

4. As a daily health tonic
In a blender throw in some giloy steams with some water, and churn until well combined. Run this mixture through a sieve. Add amla juice, ginger juice, and black salt for flavour—and you’re done!

5. As a blood purifier
Boil giloy stems in water, strain, and drink the liquid to help your body remove toxins, purify blood, and fight bacteria that cause disease.

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