Genophobia Symptoms

The symptoms of Genophobia?

Genophobia isn’t just a fear of sex that makes someone say “oh, no thank you”, it’s a serious issue that can cause panic and extreme reactions when a person thinks about having sex or when a sexual situation arises.

Any type of sexual intimacy, or the prospective chances of any sexual intimacy, can cause unpleasant emotions and reactions for a person struggling with this condition.

To understand an issue, you need to know what it feels like for the person struggling with it. If you think that maybe genophobia could sum up how you’re feeling, check these symptoms that are pretty common with people suffering from a fear of sex and sexual intimacy in general.

1. Feeling panic and anxiety when having thoughts of sex or sexual intimacy, including shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitations, or sweating

2. Anxiety and panic when any type of situation crops up that could lead to sexual intimacy, including the reactions mentioned in the last point

3. A person with genophobia may understand that the fear is irrational in some ways, but they can’t control it

4. Avoidance of any type of sexual situation

5. Worsening symptoms in the presence of a personal trigger

6. Struggling with relationships and difficulty explaining the fear to partners

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