Root Causes Of Genophobia

Root Causes Of genophobia?

Every single person will have their own story when it comes to genophobia. There is no one single reason why it develops or happens. However, there are some common emotional and physical issues that may cause or contribute toward a fear of sex. These include:

1. Sexual abuse or rape in the past

A person who has experienced sexual abuse in the past, be it in childhood or later in their life, may develop genophobia as a result of their experiences.

A person who has experienced rape may develop PTSD and this could contribute towards a fear of sex and any type of sexual intimacy.

2. Body dysmorphia

Body dysmorphia is more than just low body confidence, it’s an inability to see their body as it really is.

The distorted view can lead to all sorts of confidence issues and could even contribute toward feelings of shame. This is among the main causes of genophobia.

3. Sexual performance issues, including erectile dysfunction

A person who has had any sexual performance issues in the past may develop a fear of sex as a result of the trauma it caused them. Feelings of shame and embarrassment can lead them towards avoiding sex and any type of intimacy.

4. Vaginismus

A woman who struggles with vaginismus may develop a fear of sex because she is scared of any discomfort she may feel, especially upon penetration.

Vaginismus is a condition when the vaginal muscles suddenly tighten and clench without reason and this can make sex extremely painful.

For some women with this problem, penetration is impossible without treatment, which often involves a course of dilators to slowly help the muscles to relax.

It’s important to remember that not everyone who struggles with a fear of sex may fall into one of the categories above. It may also be a fear that has developed for no specific reason you can identify.

However, in this case, there is likely to be a deeper cause underneath that needs to be rooted out. Understanding the common triggers and causes may help you to understand the issue more deeply.


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