5 Best Christmas Food 2023

Christmas comes with its plates of sweet and savory dishes. Let us take a look at some essential preparations whose aroma signals the start of festivities! Christmas is incomplete without its array of classic food and desserts. Let’s take a look at some classic Christmas offerings that will leave you drooling.

  1.  The Christmas Turkey: Christmas Turkey, a delicious tradition, has its roots in 19th-century America. It gained popularity after being mentioned in Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol.” Families roast a large turkey, often stuffed, for their Christmas feast. Roasting with herbs and spices ensures a flavorful, juicy dish.
  2. Roast Beef:  Roast beef, a classic Christmas dish, is cherished for its rich flavors and tender texture. Typically seasoned with herbs and spices, the beef roast is slow-cooked to perfection, creating a mouthwatering centerpiece for festive meals.
  3. Pheasant:  Now on the fancier side Pheasant, a game bird native to Asia and Europe, has become a special Christmas delicacy in the US. Roasted with herbs and spices, it offers a flavorful, tender meat.
  4.  Gravy: Gravy, a key component of festive meals, is a thick, flavorful sauce made from meat drippings, broth, and flour.
  5. Cranberry Sauce: But we cannot ignore cranberry sauce while mentioning gravy. Native Americans used cranberries for their healing properties, and early settlers adapted them into a sauce. Made by boiling cranberries with sugar and water, it creates a sweet-tart condiment. Its vibrant color and zesty taste perfectly complement roasted meats, adding a festive touch to the meal.

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