50 awesome flirty pickup lines for your lover


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50 awesome flirty pick up lines for your lover

Hey guys, today I would be dropping some awesome pickup lines that you can use to woo your girl, your man, your crush, your lover etc or better still give your relationship a little spice

As we know, a lot of people are terrible in wooing a girl, being romantic, or even shooting their shot because they just don’t know how to properly put the words together.

Well, you do not have to worry so much about that because I have carefully arranged the words you are looking for. You can use these  to flirt with your lover and lighten up your conversations as most of these would make him/her smile


50 flirty  pick up lines to use on your lover

1. I’m sorry, were you an angel in your previous life? Because you are too beautiful to be human

2. While others are getting entangled with various people… I want to be forever entangled with just you

3. If you were to live for 100years, I would want to live 99years, so I wouldn’t have to spend a day without you

4. Are you the cause of my diabetes? Because you are too Sweet

5. Taking good care of yourself is taking good care of me because you hold my heart

6. When I look into your eyes, I feel like have been to the stars

7. The weather is really hot but it’s still not as hot as you

8. Are you a puzzle because I want to solve you

9. I cry every night because the imagination of us not together breaks my heart

10. They say music is medicine to the soul but you are the medicine to my soul


50 best pickup line to woo a girl

11. Just like every strand of my hair stands during winter, so does my dick stand every time I see you

12. Its not April fool but I can’t help making a fool of myself around you. You take my breath away

13. I have tasted strawberry, vanilla and every other flavour but still couldn’t figure out the flavour you are until now (what flavour am I?) You are my perfectly mixed flavour

14. Others are like crumbs but you are the full cake

15. As flavour is to ice cream, so are you to me. You make me sweeter

16. I barely knew light till I met you. You are my fluorescence

17. Please Don’t let it drop. (What?) -My heart

18. If loving you is a crime, I am willing to be wanted

19. I hope you are not Messi ( Messi? No why? ) – because I wouldn’t want you to dribble my heart.

20. I never get worried when it gets dark because I know you would always be there to light up my world


50 best pick up lines for your crush

21. I pray every night not to lose it all. But From today I have decided to pray not to lose you instead, you know why? (Why?) – because you are my all.

22. I don’t like riding but I wouldn’t mind riding with you till the sun goes down

23. I stopped getting scared of my future, the moment I started picturing you in it

24. The feel of your touch gives me goosebumps

25. When you smile, it feels as though I have no troubles because your smile is everything to me

26. When I look at your lips, the only thing I want to do is mingle with your tongue

27. Have waited for so long but after meeting you, I.must say it was definitely worth the wait

28. Just when I asked God to give me a sign, you came into my life. You are my gift from God

29. Thinking of you before going to bed always makes me have the sweetest dream


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30. Every time I see you and my friends are around, wanna know my best line? (what?) – “That’s my girl!”. Forever proud of you baby.

31. Wanna know what motivates me to work my ass off? (What?) -You. Because I want to make all your dreams come true

32. Permit me to call you my orgasm because, with you, I am totally satisfied

33. Just as the glass shoe was a perfect fit for only Cinderella, so are you a perfect fit for me

34. I have no other desire because you are all I desire

35. I know I would have a lovely dream today (how?) Because I would think of you

36. I Won’t go the moon and back for you, instead, I would go to the moon and beyond

37. Are you a camera? because every time I look at you, I smile

38. If I were a cat I would spend all 9 lives with you

39. You’re that ‘nothing ‘ when people ask me what I’m thinking and smiling about


50 flirty pickup lines for your boyfriend

40. I am not a photographer but I can picture us together

41. Want to know what I’m wearing? The smile you gave me

42. Hope you didn’t hurt yourself when you fell? (fell?How?) -when you fell from heaven because you are way too fine to be human

43. If u were a basketball, I would never shoot(why?)because I’d always miss you

44. I did an ECG test today and my doctor said I seem to have tachycardia when I am close to a certain someone and we realized that someone happens to be you.

45. I have gone far and wide but still haven’t met someone as awesome as you

46. Every time my maths teacher asks me to find x, I tell her I do not need to find my ex when I got you

47. I want us to be that couple people see and make their “couple goals”

48. Can I please use you to buy some time (how?) Because time freezes every time I am with you

49. Whenever I am with you, do you know what else matters? (What?) -Nothing

50. I have known you forever but yet it always seems as though we just met


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