Flat Belly: Tips You Need To Consider While Doing Flat Belly Exercise(2023)

So beginners, learn these tips before you bend it like Ananya

1. If you are trying it for the first time, then do it on a cushioned mat so that you don’t get hurt.

2. Let someone be there with you to help and hold you.

3. Take the support of the wall. There are wall supporters that are also available in the market that can help you in weight distribution, while you try out this pose.

4. Don’t forget to interlock your fingers so that you get a better grip.

5. Don’t give a jerk while lifting your legs. Keep your core tight and slowly move your legs up.

6. If you have any medical condition, then avoid doing it. There are many other yoga poses that can help you get a flat belly.

Here are some other benefits of doing shirshasana

1. It improves blood circulation.

2. Strengthens your core.

3. Boosts digestion process.

4. Improves arms and shoulder strength.

5. Helps in hair growth, as the blood travels all the way to your head.

6. All and all, it’s a great pose to try out. So, give it a shot but perform it under expert guidance.

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