Fitness Tracker! 3 Things You Must Look Out For Before Choosing A Fitness Tracker(2023)

Here are three things to keep in mind when picking a fitness tracker

Based on your budget and fitness requirements, you should be mindful of the following considerations, when choosing a fitness tracker:

1. Features

Fitness trackers measure various physical and biological activities, and health metrics. Devices offer a wide variety of features, measuring the steps you take throughout the day, calorie burn, sleep patterns, heart rate, posture correction notifications, and analysis on a woman’s ovulation cycle. Some devices also offer GPS tracking, to accurately measure distances, especially useful for runners. Be it a mobile application or a wearable, you may choose one for yourself, depending on the fitness activities you undertake, and goals you have set for your wellbeing.

2. Comfort and durability

Wearables such as wrist-watches and arm strap-ons, should be designed to align with your preferred physical activity. Waterproof, water-resistant, and dust-proof, options are great for swimmers and runners. Comfort is another important consideration, as these trackers are worn most of the day. The build material should be soft on the skin, offering options to adjust the strap as per comfort levels.

3. Battery life

It is prudent to pick a fitness tracker that is energy efficient and can be used for long durations. Rechargeable trackers are also available, as well as ones with coin cell batteries. The current stock of fitness trackers, offers a battery life ranging from one day to 3 weeks. So, based on your lifestyle and fitness requirements, choose a fitness tracker that will not require you to keep recharging every few hours, or look for replacement batteries.

So, ladies, keep these considerations in mind, and try using a fitness tracker to accentuate your workouts!

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