9 First Date Advice To Create A Good First Impression

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Going on a first date with someone you have a crush on is not as easy as it seems. It comes with a whole lot of anxiety. But if you don’t handle it well, it may ruin your chances of a second date with the same person. However, the most important first date advice I have for you is to ‘be yourself’.

Trust me; it’s a terrible idea trying to impress your date. It could ruin the chances of a second date with them. So, discuss normally and don’t try to impress them. If there’s chemistry between you guys, things will fall in place naturally.

Let me tell you a little secret… First date is all about creating an excellent first impression. And if you can achieve this, your crush will ask you for a second date.

But how do you create an excellent first impression? Don’t worry, in the next few paragraphs; I will share with you first date advice to make a good impression.

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9 First Date Advice To Create A Good Impression

#1. Be Yourself

Nothing makes a first date more comfortable than being yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are meeting a rich dude or a beautiful rich girl. Never try to be fake just to impress your date. It will only send the wrong message.

It all starts with the menu. Order the things you are comfortable with and send the message that you want your date to love you for your personality.

Someone once told me of his experience when he invited a lady on a first date. The girl was just faking her accent and pretending to be someone she is not. Unfortunately for her, it was so apparent that she was faking her accent. And he never invited her for a second date.

So, don’t allow your date’s personality to intimidate you. Try to be the best version of yourself and allow things to move on a natural level. Trust me; if there’s chemistry between you guys, things will surely work out.

#2. Wear Clothes You Are Comfortable With

It’s normal to look good during a first date. But that doesn’t mean your outfit should make you feel uncomfortable. So, wear something beautiful that will make you move quickly without stress.

It’s never a good idea to wear high heels you can’t walk comfortably with. I would advise you always to wear things that you can walk, eat, and talk in.

#3. Be At The Venue Early

I know first date is not a job interview. But being in the venue on time can create a great impression about you. It doesn’t make sense for your partner to be waiting for you. It seems disrespectful and sends a message that you don’t value their time.

If for any reason will be a few minutes late, try to notify the person ahead of time. This will make them feel respected.

#4. Don’t Drink Too Much

I don’t want to sound like a preachy parent. But one of the best first date advice I have for you is never to drink too much. Know your limit and never exceeds it. It doesn’t make sense for someone you just met to carry you home because you are drunk. So, try as much as possible not to drink too much.

#5. Don’t Spend Too Much Time On Your Appearance

There’s nothing wrong with looking good when going on a date. But you don’t have to waste time on your appearance. It will only make you second guess yourself.

Guys don’t spend much time on appearance. So, ladies try to be yourself and stop brushing your hair a million times before the date. Whether you reapply your lipstick now and then or you use mirror every half an hour, if he doesn’t like you, nothing can change that.

One crucial first date advice I have for you is to focus on making uninterrupted conversations, instead of focusing on your look.

#6. Don’t Allow Your Phone To Distract You

It’s your first date with someone you like, don’t allow Facebook feeds or WhatsApp notification to distract you. Try to put your phone away. Otherwise, it could send a wrong message to your date.

If you have the habit of checking your phone every minute, it could ruin the entire date. Put yourself in your date’s shoe. How would you feel if the person you are going out with for the first time is continuously staring at his or her phone? Of course, it’s insulting.

Responding to WhatsApp chat can wait and checking Instagram post can also wait. Give your attention to the person and try to make a connection.

A few months ago, we tried to matchmake one of my friends with a beautiful girl. It would have been a great arrangement, but the girl refuses to be in a relationship with my friend. Do you know her reason? She said my friend was too obsessed with his phone that he couldn’t even drop his phone for a few minutes so that they can have an undistracted conversation.

So, nothing ruins a first date better than the phone’s distraction. It’s an indirect way of telling your date “screw you”.

#7. Offer to Pay

You can offer to pay the bill. Anyone can pay the bill; it doesn’t always have to be the guy. Once it’s time to pay, you can offer to pay. But if your date insists, you can offer to split the bill.

However, ensure that you are willing and ready to pay when you offer to pay. Don’t hesitate later. And if you don’t have money with you, don’t offer to pay. You don’t have to embarrass yourself.

#8. Try to Ask Questions

Asking questions is one of the easiest ways to keep your conversation flowing. You can start with questions like work, hobbies, family, etc. And when you guys are a bit comfortable with each other, you can start talking politics, religion, exes, etc.

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#9. Try Not To Stalk After The Date

Another essential first date advice I have for you is never to stalk after the date. It’s never a good idea.

You can send a casual text message the next day about how you enjoyed your time. But don’t go and be sending a friend request on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or like pictures on Instagram. Let’s things move naturally. It’s better that way.

These are the first date advice I have for you. Don’t forget that how your first date goes will determine whether there will be a second date or not. But the choice is yours. You have all the information you need, put them to practice.

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