Finding the Right Man: Dating Statistics In 2023

If you’re a smart, successful single woman, it may feel impossible to find a man who provides everything you need. And if you’ve dated online for any period of time, you’ve had lots of evidence to support that worldview. Men are lazy. Men are flaky. Men are sex-crazed. Men are selfish. Men are stupid. Men are terrible conversationalists. Men aren’t interested in commitment. That’s the most common narrative, anyway.

But there’s another side to the story, one that doesn’t get nearly as much attention.

Millions of people meet online, fall in love, and get married each year. If that rings false for you because dating feels like ghosting and disappointment, prepare to see the glass half-full instead of the glass half-empty. The below statistics don’t mean that most men online are worthy of your attention (they’re not!).

9 Online Dating Statistics  

1.  Higher Percentage of Marriages Started In 2015

There’s a perception that people who date online aren’t serious. It’s true – many are not. But when online dating accounts for nearly 40% of all marriages – and connects more people than bars, hobbies, church, and set-ups combined, it’s clearly a mainstream viable option if you want to jumpstart your love life and look for a serious partner.

2.  Higher Percentage of People Dated Who They Saw Online

Sure, many singles who go online are ambivalent or intimidated but the vast majority of people who set up online dating profiles actually go on dates in real life. Truly, there has never been an easier way to meet people than using dating apps or online dating sites.

3. Men Are Naturally Hunters

Sometimes, it can be flattering to know that someone liked your dating profile, especially if he’s your type. But keep in mind that some men often swipe right on all women, just to keep their options open.

4.  Higher Percentage of Men Are Attracted To Women Online

That study was a few years ago. More recent reports show that women swipe right on fewer than 5% of men. So if you find yourself frustrated by the many guys who swipe and don’t follow through, ask yourself what it would feel like to be ignored by 95% of the population. That’s what it’s like to be an average man.

5. Online Daters Lie On Their Profile

While being lied to may feel exasperating, most people lie because they know that if they tell the truth, they don’t have a chance. So people (men and women) rationalize shaving off a few years, misrepresenting their body type, adding an inch to your height just to “get in the door.” Given how many people lie, you should probably assume that everyone is fudging a little bit and be pleasantly surprised when you discover he’s telling the truth.

6. Pandemic Increase Online Dating

Based on a study conducted by OkCupid, there’s been a 10% increase in total matches, 20% in conversations, and 30% increase in overall sent messages during the pandemic. Besides that, the COVID-19 lockdown has caused a 40% increase in intro messages, which means more engagement in the dating app.

7. More than 50% believe that online dating is A Way to meet their partners

Once upon a time, people met at church through their families. Now, more people work from home, have smaller groups of friends, and simply don’t meet people in real life. So if you can log onto a dating site or download a bunch of dating apps to connect with strangers, you’ve got a limitless pipeline of opportunity to meet your future spouse.

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