Fermented Foods: Reasons Why You Need To Nosh On Fermented Foods(2023)


1. Rich in probiotics
“Fermented foods are rich in probiotics and promote good bacteria in the intestine. This encourages better absorption of carbohydrates, and that prevents blood sugar levels from spiking,” says Amreen.

Consuming these probiotic-rich foods means that you are adding beneficial bacteria and enzymes to your overall intestinal flora, and that’s all you need for good gut health.

2. Helps control cholesterol and heart diseases
People who are suffering from diabetes are always at risk of high cholesterol. Consuming fermented foods helps to decrease serum cholesterol levels, and at the same time, inhibits the activity of vasoconstrictors in the body that are known to cause cardiovascular diseases.

Yogurt has been keeping you healthy for all this while. 

Probiotics like yoghurt are known to improve cholesterol levels, and help to stimulate insulin sensitivity, benefiting those with type-2 diabetes.

3. Regulates weight
Weight gain is directly proportional to an increase in blood sugar levels. So, the lower your weight, the lower your chances of being diabetic.Controlling your weight is the key to managing type 2 diabetes, and with fermented foods that are low-carb and nutrient-rich, weight loss is just a step away!

“You can consume fermented foods like probiotics sauce once a day, to improve your gut bacteria, which can then help you regulate your weight and blood sugar,” she added.

4. High on nutrition
The process of fermentation improves the quality of protein and increases the content of vitamin B, C and minerals. Besides, it is rich in fibre and facilitates easier digestion and absorption, which in turn reduces the risk of a spike in blood sugar levels.

Get hold of fermented foods to keep blood sugar in control. 

Fermenting has been one of the oldest methods of preserving food, and now we know why our elders swear by it! Incorporate these fermented foods in your diet, and say hello to good health.

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