Feeling Sleepy While Meditating? Reasons Why Meditation Make You Feel Sleepy(2023)

Here are five reasons why meditation is making you sleepy

Here are some of the reasons for why you fall asleep during meditation.

1. The first and most common reason is laziness of the body or of the mind. This could lead you to not be fully engaged in the practice, which is why you are not as involved in the meditation process.

2. If you are a beginner to meditation, feeling sleepy is a common occurrence, as this may be an activity that you are not too familiar with. And this is why the body and the mind do not respond or react to meditation in a positive way.

3. Sleepiness can also be a symptom of lack of nutrition in your body, which means that you are left feeling weak and may not be able to stay actively engrossed in this practice.

4. It is also important to choose the right type of meditation because if you are not able to connect with the technique you are practicing, it might lead you to feel sleepy.

5. When the body is not accustomed to meditating, obviously you will naturally begin to feel sleepy in the middle of your practice.

“This is completely fine and it simply means that you must continue your practice with diligence and commitment, in order to reap the multiple benefits of meditation,” says Grand Master Akshar.

Learn the right way to do meditation 

The right way to meditate depends on the technique that you are using. Different meditation techniques require different types of approaches. There are many types of meditative postures that are recommended, according to the kind of meditation technique you are practising.

Similarly, certain types of environments are recommended for meditation practice.

“For example, if you are practising swaas dhyan or breathing meditation, it is suggested that you practice this technique in a natural environment,” he suggests.

On the other hand, meditation techniques such as dhyan require you to seat yourself comfortably in a dynamic environment, as this involves observation as part of its technique.

So the next time you feel drowsy after meditating or during the process, don’t feel that your meditation session isn’t working because it will take its own sweet time.

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