Feeling Bad About Staying Indoors? 3 Things You Should Consider Before Having Such Feeling(2023)

1. You’re doing what is best for you

The reason you’re choosing to maintain social distance even as everything opens up depends on your situation. Many of us are choosing to stay inside because we stay in multigenerational homes where family members are elderlies or children—both comprising high-risk groups. Many of us suffer from diseases which make for comorbidities and require us to be extra careful.

For others, it is the absolute fear and anxiety of getting infected. Whatever your reason for staying inside, you’re doing what is best for you in this situation. It may seem difficult now but in the long term, it will keep you protected.

2. Safety comes first at this point

For months, we’ve been spending a majority of our time being stuck at home. There’s no doubt that we’d do anything to go back to our idea of normal. Being able to meet your friends without worrying so much, walking out of the house without fear, and eating at your favourite restaurant without having second thoughts. Isn’t this what the heart yearns for?

Safety, however, is what comes first. Coronavirus is highly contagious and social distancing is one of the key methods of its prevention. It is the new normal and at this point in time, we should find ways to stay connected with our loved ones without having to jeopardize our safety. From video calls to text messages, you can arrange for group calls with friends and have date nights with your partner.

3. Everyone can make their own decisions

You might see it on social media or hear it from friends that people are out and about. Some of them are going out to restaurants and others are booking movie tickets. It is a choice they’ve made after taking into account their knowledge of the virus and their situation. You’re a different person and need to decide for yourself.

Don’t feel envious of people who are going out and don’t judge them. Concentrate on your safety, your situation and what you should be doing to keep yourself healthy. Don’t let the actions of others affect you. Make choices that are the best for you.

All you have to do is keep reminding yourself that ‘this too shall pass.’

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