Fatherhood Composition: 19 Ways to Get Ready

What is the meaning of fatherhood?

Fatherhood may be defined as the state or responsibility of being a father. It involves a diverse range of activities that commence before the child is born till they become adults who can care for themselves.

To have a broader view of what fatherhood means, check out this study by Celeste A Lemay and other authors. This is a qualitative study of the meaning of fatherhood among young urban fathers.


 Hints about fatherhood


Knowing what to expect from fatherhood might be important to make you prepare more effectively for the journey. Here are some things that you should know about fatherhood:

1. You might get frustrated at some point

As with parenting, you may likely get frustrated with the process of fatherhood at some point. However, remember that you and your partner are primarily responsible for raising your child the ideal way.

2. You and your partner might experience conflict because of parenting choices

While you and your partner raise your child, there are chances that conflict might occur due to differences in parenting choices. When this happens, you and your partner should seek to find a compromise and strike a balance in views and opinions.

3. Your social life might take a hit

When preparing for your fatherhood, one of the important things to know is your social life might not be the same. For example, you might not have enough time for social engagements because taking care of your child will take a higher priority.

4. There will be good and bad days

The truth is, not all days will be the same with fatherhood. Some days might be great, while other days might not be too pleasant. Therefore, brace yourself for the changes that might occur during fatherhood, and be hopeful that everything will improve with time.

5. You and your partner are in the best position to raise your child

If you and your partner have considered outsourcing the care and welfare of your child to third parties due to some factors, remember that both of you are still in the best position to take care of your child.

6. You will experience a pure form of love

When fathering a child, you will likely feel the surreal and joyful experience of seeing your newborn grow up before your eyes. This will create a strong bond between the two of you, provided you are present to nurture them.

7. They grow up so fast

You might be surprised to observe that your child is changing very fast, as this is typical of young children. This might mean that you will have to change some of the plans you have in place of them regarding their diet, clothing, etc.

8. You are going to make sacrifices

One of the major highlights that come with fatherhood is the sacrifices inherent in the process. You might have to make some decisions that will affect your career, relationships.

9. Your finances might take a hit

Fatherhood comes with increased expenses, which might affect your finances if proper measures are not in place. Therefore, you can be proactive to ensure you are not badly hit when you need to spend more.

10. You may need some external form of help

At some point in fatherhood, you might realize that you and your partner need more help. Do not hesitate to reach out to people who might be able to carry out some responsibilities that you can outsource.

In this interesting study by Nan Lee Noh, you will read through the real-life story of fathers who transitioned into parenthood. This fatherhood study was conducted in South Korea to explore the experiences of first-time fathers.


Getting  Ready  Becoming A Dad ?

As you put plans in place when preparing for fatherhood, it is important to take note of some things that will make the journey less strenuous for you. Here are some tips for new fathers who are expecting a newborn.

1. Do your research

Since you might not physically carry the baby before they arrive, you are still part of the birth experience, and it is important to start preparing to be a dad.

You can begin by reading resources or journals on the act of fatherhood and even watch some videos or listen to podcasts by fathers who have experienced this. Doing your research helps you get prepared to nurse your newborn to vitality.

2. Decide on the type of father you want to be

Before your newborn arrives, one of the tips on how to prepare for fatherhood is to think and decide on the kind of father you will be to your child.

You might have seen different types of fathering, which may have given you some ideas on how to be the best father to your child. Making this decision might help you make the right choices when nurturing your newborn.

3. Adopt healthy eating habits

One of the mistakes that new dads make during fatherhood is they may likely not focus on their nutrition because they are busy taking care of the baby.

This negligence might need to some health problems like obesity because they might not be able to keep a healthy weight. When becoming a dad, pay attention to your diet and drink lots of water.

4. Become physically fit

When preparing for fatherhood, you need to get regular exercise. It is important to find some time to exercise because fatigue might set in, which would affect your physical fitness. In addition, staying fit helps you to properly manage the demands that come with fatherhood.

You can begin by doing some home exercise routines or get some basic workout equipment if you don’t have enough time to visit the gym.

5. Getting enough sleep is important

One of the ways to be a better father is to prioritize sleep when your newborn arrives. Unfortunately, some fathers make the mistake of not getting enough sleep, which prevents the optimal functioning of their bodies and brain.

When you sleep properly, your body gets rejuvenated, allowing you to play your role as a father properly. You can discuss with your co-parent a routine that allows both of you to have enough rest.

6. Learn to care for your mental health

Some fathers may face mental health issues  when newborns arrive while caring for their children. It might become difficult for some of them to manage the fatigue and stress that comes with taking care of children and attending to other duties.

Therefore, it is important to set some personal time aside for yourself so that your mental health does not deteriorate.

7. Buy the baby items and equipment ahead of time

It is advisable to get the items that your newborn will need before they arrive. Doing this might prevent you from missing out on any important item your baby might need when they are born.

But, on the other hand, if you get these items while taking care of them, there is a chance that you’ll leave out some of the crucial ones.

8. Prepare the baby’s room

If you have additional space in your house, it might be advisable to have a separate room for your baby. You can begin by painting the room and get some of the vital furniture needed to make your baby’s stay an enjoyable one.

Remember to also clean up the baby’s room and ensure it is in a perfectly healthy state.

9. Declutter your storage space

When preparing for fatherhood, you might need some extra space because a new individual is coming permanently to stay.

Therefore, it is best to free up some space before the baby arrives. In addition, you may have to collaborate with your partner to remove some of the unnecessary items stored in your space.

10. Perform deep cleaning on your living space

Having a healthy and clean living environment is quintessential to your baby’s health. Hence, performing a deep clean on your living space is best before your baby arrives.

This is important because, in the first few weeks of your baby’s stay, you might not have enough time to perform a deep clean like before.

11. Clear up your digital storage

When your newborn arrives, you might want to document the time spent with your child by taking pictures and videos as memories. Hence, you and your partner might have to clear some space on your devices and buy some storage space if you need more.

12. Discuss parenting with your partner

Talking about parenting with your spouse when preparing for parenthood is necessary. You and your partner are equally responsible for your baby’s well-being.

Therefore, it is important to set structures in place to facilitate the proper care of your baby. It may be best to draw up a list of tasks that the two of you would share so that everything runs smoothly.

Watch this video to get tips for successful co-parenting: 

13. Don’t let your romance life suffer

On how to prepare for fatherhood, remember not to neglect the place of romance in your relationship. For example, when a newborn arrives, it might be normal for all attention to be fixated on the child, which might make the romance between partners frosty.

Therefore, create ample time to spend with your partner to preserve intimacy and affection.

14. Learn to communicate and listen to your partner

When preparing for fatherhood, one of the things to remember is that you and your partner might encounter some challenges that might affect the relationship between you.

While anticipating this possibility, keeping the lines of communication between you and your partner open is advisable. Learn to listen to them and see how you can provide a solution to what they are facing.

15. Keep up relationships with friends

While you plan to care for your newborn, remember that your relationship with friends should not suffer. It might be best to utilize some of the free time you have to spend with your friends, especially when you feel overwhelmed with the duties that come with fatherhood.

Some of your friends might have experienced this before and will be in the best position to encourage you.

16. Find a community of fellow dads

An important new dad advice is to join a community of dads who have gone through this phase. It would be a good advantage for you to listen to people with similar experiences as they share the ups and downs of fatherhood.

You may be able to learn from their mistakes so that the process might become more seamless for you.

17. Workout a budget

When a newborn comes into the home, there is a good chance that your expenses will increase. And it might get inconvenient for you if you don’t plan.

You might have to spare some time to create a family budget that will include the expenses for your newborn. Working out a budget to help you determine a new lifestyle for your family is one of the important tips for dads with newborns.

18. Make plans in your workplace

Companies and businesses have different policies regarding their employee’s commitment to the workplace when their newborn arrives. Therefore, it is best to find out the workplace benefits that come with fatherhood.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you might need to set some structures that allow your business to run smoothly while you do little or no supervision.

19. Open a savings account for your newborn

One of the possibilities to explore when preparing for fatherhood is to open a savings account for your child before they come. Doing this might make it easier for you to manage the expenses of taking care of them.

Then, while they get older, you can maintain the savings account and save more money for their future.























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