3 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Connect As a Family In 2023

Kids need consistency, but they also thrive on variety. I can remember a time our entire family was sitting in the living room not sure what to do for the night. Our daughter spoke up and said, “We need to do something fun and different.” So, we put away our phones and turned off the TV for the night. I told the kids to team up because we were going to have a “Linders Got Talent” competition.

1. Develop a family playlist.

Whether it’s for a special holiday or just because, gather the family around and come up with a playlist of songs you could all enjoy together at home or on the road. Spotify and Pandora have easy ways to do this! Of course, everyone in the family has different tastes in music, and everyone in the family gets to choose a song to add. So it’s going to be fun, and maybe even a bit intense, as you debate whose music is the best and why. Enjoy the process, be flexible, and cherish the memory you’re creating.

2. Visit a cemetery for educational purposes.

Some people get weirded out by going to the cemetery. I’m not one of those people. In fact, I often enjoy going just to pray and clear my mind when I’m stressed. What you’ll find is so much rich history that can be pieced together by simple observation. A cemetery is filled with stories if you’ll just look for them. We took our family to a local cemetery this past year and gave each child a pen, a notepad, and some challenges: Observe the dates to find a headstone of the youngest child; find families whose children died before their parents; find the oldest tombstone… Then we compared notes before leaving and had discussions about the stories hidden within the stones, what we thought those stories might be, and what we could learn from them.

3. Shovel a driveway or mow a yard for someone elderly.

No matter where you live, there are probably many elderly people who could use help but may never ask for it. Take initiative with your kids to load up the mower during the summer, or a couple of shovels during the winter, and go be a blessing to someone.

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