3 Ways to Serve Others As a Family In 2023/2024

Today’s society is dominated by consuming and receiving. As dads, we have an opportunity to influence our kids and point them in a different direction. In fact, it’s our responsibility. We encourage you to help your kids learn how to give and serve others.

During this holiday season, show your kids how to focus less on themselves and more on others by doing a service project or giving gifts to those who are less fortunate. Make it a family tradition to do each year, even throughout the year.

Here are 3 service project ideas to do with your family.

1. Clothes and toy drives.

We periodically do this in our house. Our kids play with only a handful of their toys and, of course, they outgrow their clothes. So we gather up what we can and give them away to someone we know, to Goodwill, or to an organization that helps those in need.

2. Create manna bags.

This is one of our favorites and we actually do this year-around. Visit your local bulk grocery store, like Sam’s Club or Costco, and stock up on several nonperishable food items. Have the kids pack plastic storage bags with the items you purchased and deliver them to individuals in need.

3. Sponsor a family.

There are so many organizations that give you the opportunity to sponsor a family or a child. Use Google or referrals from people you know to find organizations where you can be a sponsor.

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