Exercise Ball! 3 Reasons Why You Should Add Exercise Ball To Your Workouts In 2023

1. Good back and spine health

An exercise ball helps reinforce the muscles that support your spinal structure, thereby improving your posture and increasing lower back strength. As maintaining balance on the ball compels you to retain proper posture, this ‘coincidence’ by design improves your spinal column’s strength, posture, and increases blood flow, leading to relief from pain.

2. Core strength

Using an exercise ball activates the stabiliser muscles in your core and helps you connect with your centre of gravity. The unstable surface of the exercise ball engages your core muscles to exert extra effort in keeping your whole body balanced while exercising. Not to mention, the elevation offered by the ball allows you to perform a wider range of motion and engagement with smaller muscle groups, inadvertently ignored when working out on a flat surface.

3. Flexibility is guaranteed

The spherical surface of the exercise ball gives your muscles added stretch. It also drives your body to adapt to the ball’s shape, adjust the position of joints, and expand specific muscle groups to maintain your balance. You may also want to consider using the ball to warm up before a workout commences as this reduces the risk of injury and enhances the functionality of joints and muscles.

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