Exam Stress! Yoga Asana Every Student Should Try To Beat Exam Stress(2023)

Here are yoga poses to beat exam stress –

1. Tadasana

This is like reaching out to the sky, up on your toes, aligning your spine, and stretching your fingertips high up. Dr Mehta says that it gives the feeling of alleviation and expansion of awareness. It gives proper control over the body and mind movements and coordination.

2. Bhujangasana

When you move the spine like a cobra, it activates the left and right brain, and with simultaneous nostril breathing, it helps to focus, be more attentive and alert.

You can improve your focus and attention with yoga. 

3. Parvatasana

You need to bend forward, and walk with your hands in front until your heels are on the ground. This is a mountain position that makes your determination strong like a mountain.

4. Pavanamuktasana

You have to touch your head to your knees while breathing out. Then the core gets sucked in tight and the buttocks tighten. This leads to strong inner core strength and becoming one with yourself.

5. Naukasana

Focus on the center of your core, holding the posture tight, and focusing on the toes of your feet with both eyes. This helps to make you stable and steady. It strengthens your core and confidence.

All these yoga asanas not just help in reducing stress, but also improve memory, focus, attention, and concentration. They improve your self-awareness as well, says the expert.

Asanas with regulated breathing exercises like Nadi Shodhana and Bhramari help you to empty the mind of its clutter. They make you feel refreshed and revitalised with positive thoughts.

As you gear up for some sleepless nights and stressful days during the exam season, don’t forget to do some yoga. Afterall, yoga is a stress-buster!

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