Emotions! Tips To Detox Your Emotions And Cleanse Your Mind In 2023

Tips to detox your emotions and cleanse your mind

1. A good cry

Crying doesn’t make you a crybaby, and it isn’t a sign of weakness. Crying is a form of releasing suppressed emotions, and a good cry is cathartic. Let it out if you feel like it. The idea is to express over suppress.

2. Yoga

Yoga works on the concept of energy. It helps channel life force, also known as prana, and releases stagnated energy from our system. Specific breathing exercises, asanas, and meditation can help cleanse negative energy and cultivate more positive energy. Many people also break into tears when they sit down to meditate because the practice helps resurface all the pent-up emotions.

Do yoga to stay positive and happy 

3. Gratitude

Gratitude is the highest form of vibration. It is one of the most powerful ways to transform negative energy into positive energy. Some people tend to complain about petty things that are mostly not in their control, like traffic, roads, weather, pollution, and so on. Their constant complaining and whining can feel draining to them and the people around them. So I ask them to do a simple practice of being grateful for what they have. It is impressive to note the shift it creates in their energy and aura.

4. Prayers

Praying is a humble, simple yet powerful way to channel energies. When you pray, you address your thoughts to a force or power above you. Some call it God. Some call it the Universe. I also like to talk to God, especially when I cannot meditate or reflect on something I need to process. Praying shifts your fears and uncertainty to faith and feeling protected and guided. And this can bring immense peace and strength to one’s heart.

5. Writing

Writing down your thoughts on paper can help you purge what you have been holding within. It is a form of expression too. Poets express emotions through poems, writers through lyrics, and authors through books. Why do some scripts feel so heart-touching? Because it carries the pain, the person writing it must have gone through. You do not have to be a proficient writer to express yourself. Even scribbling down your thoughts and emotions help.

The last word

If all of the above does not work in helping you to channel your energy in a positive direction, seek the support of a therapist or professional counsellor. Working with emotional counsellors can help you process and release the emotional baggage from your body and mind. Do whatever it takes because your healing, prevention, and recovery depend on it.

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