Emotional Exhaustion: Helpful Questions To Discover If You Are Emotionally Drained In 2023

Questions to Ask Yourself to Discover Any Signs of Emotional Exhaustion:

    • Are you emotionally exhausted because of a temporary life or work situation?
    • Is this something that will pass in time, and you just need to wait it out?
    • Do you feel like you’re in the wrong career in general?
    • You’ve never felt passionate about the work you do, but you used to be able to push through without feeling exhausted. But now you simply can’t do it any longer.
    • Do you have a hard time saying “No” to people who want you to add one more thing to your already full list of projects?
  • Do you bite off more than you can chew because you hate disappointing people?
  • Are you a perfectionist who has to perform at 110% all of the time?
  • Do you feel you can’t delegate or do even the most negligible tasks halfway?
  • Do you like the work you do, but you have a boss or associate who is making your life miserable, and you see no change in the offing?
  • Have you neglected to address your work/life balance?
  • Are you spending long hours at work, but you’re forgetting to exercise, spend time with family and friends, or eat healthy?
  • Do you enjoy the work you are doing, but you feel under-utilized or under-appreciated?
  • Have you been working extra hard to prove yourself, only to see nothing in return for your efforts?
  • Is there something else happening in your life that is causing you to feel anxious or depressed, and it is sapping your energy and motivation in your daily activities?

Write down your answers to these questions, thinking carefully about a triggering event or cause for your emotional exhaustion at work.

Understanding the reasons why you feel so exhausted, and whether the problem is short-term or on-going, can help you craft some actions steps for moving forward (read on and we’ll share seven action steps later in the post).

If you’re feeling mentally tired and emotionally exhausted, maybe you think that’s just your temperament or physical constitution.

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