The Whole Story On Emotional Attraction In 2023

A lot of different factors can cause us to become emotionally attracted to a person, and they’re surprisingly varied. But, what triggers emotional attraction in a woman is usually very similar to their male counterparts. Typically, emotional attraction is triggered by things like:

• Experiencing kindness

• Laughter

• Connection on a deep level

• Intelligence

• Loyalty

• Sharing adventures or hobbies

Below, we’ve looked into these triggers in more detail to understand the role they play in fostering emotional attraction.

1. Experiencing kindness

If someone shows us kindness — whether on a great level or in a more minor way — it’s likely we’ll feel some degree of emotional attraction to them. Acts of kindness and compliments cause us to feel a rush of endorphins, especially for those whose  love language is  acts of service.

This rush of endorphins generates feelings of joy and pleasure, which can in turn lead us to desire to be around that person more often.

2. Having a mentor

When we’re in a position where somebody is teaching us or guiding us, it’s common to feel some degree of emotional attraction toward them. Often, this is due to our reliance on them, and the feeling of security that accompanies that.

3. Laughter

Laughter is attractive. Like compliments and kindness, it releases pleasurable endorphins. That means that, if somebody is a constant source of laughter, it’s natural that we’ll want to be around them more often.

4. Connection on a deep level

Having deep and meaningful conversations can attract us to a person emotionally. While superficial conversations lead to superficial bonds, more intense and personal interactions can cause us to feel closer.

5. Intelligence

Intelligence is famously attractive. Although, just because somebody is intelligent, you might not be physically attracted to them, making the relationship more platonic.

6. Loyalty

Even if it’s somebody we don’t know very well, loyalty can be intensely emotionally attractive. It might be that somebody defends you in an argument or remembers you when others forgot.

Experiencing loyalty makes us feel valued. This causes deep feelings of emotional attraction to the person, even when the physical side might not be there.

7. Sharing adventures or hobbies

Shared activities, whether it’s a sport, hiking, or a teaching class, can be a great bonding experience. Sharing new experiences and creating memories together helps to foster deep, meaningful connections. But, if the physical attraction isn’t there, this bond may be platonic.

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