Egg Whites Vs Whole Egg: What’s Healthier(2023)?

Egg whites versus whole egg: what’s healthier?

Should you really avoid egg yolks? Well, that is what we are going to find out today with the help of science.

Egg yolk will not make you fat. 

People have various differing opinions when it comes to eggs. For some, egg white is a better option since it is loaded with proteins. For others, a whole egg is a better combination since it is a combination of protein, good fats and other powerful nutrients.

But, the debate around which one is better and why still remains. So, let’s evaluate both of them and find out which one is a clear winner.

Egg white or whole egg: which one has more calories
If you talk about calories, 100 grams of boiled egg whites have around 52 calories. But, 100 grams of whole boiled egg has 155 calories. So, it looks like that egg white is a better choice to make when you’re looking at calories.

Eggs are also great for your heart. 

Is eating egg yolk unhealthy?
“Absolutely not! This is one of the biggest myths people have about egg yolks. There is no doubt that a whole egg is healthier than an egg white. According to John Hopkins University, anyone can eat up to three to four whole eggs in a week. A person who has diabetes or any other chronic illness can eat eggs too. However, people with cholesterol problems should be a little vigilant” says M. Saroja Nandam, senior dietician, Apollo TeleHealth.

In fact, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, both egg white and whole egg have the same impact when it comes to muscle building. Moreover, proper protein synthesis is very important for muscle training and according to the same study, egg yolk improves the entire process of protein synthesis which helps in repairing the muscles.

Our body needs healthy fats as well. According to Nandam and a study conducted at the University of Connecticut, fat present in egg yolks actually helps in reducing bad cholesterol. So, it seems like eating a whole egg is not all that bad!

Whole egg is great for your brain, says Ms Nandam  
According to Ms Nandam, egg yolk has a nutrient called choline which helps in cellular growth and metabolism. It also helps in better communication between the neurons of the brain, making it proactive and alert.

For the sake of your brain you must include whole eggs in your diet. 

Looks like whole egg is something you should go for
“Egg white is just about protein whereas the whole egg has so much more when it comes to nutrients. Therefore, without thinking twice you should go for a whole egg in the breakfast for a power packed day. To make your breakfast more wholesome, you can add a whole wheat bread to make it a full meal”, concludes Nandam.

So ladies, stop shying away from a whole egg because it’s what your body actually needs!

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