Effective Tips For A Proper Goodnight Rest(2023)

Here are some tips you must follow to have a good night’s sleep.

1. Mobile – the biggest villain

Apart from making you addicted to social media by checking the last reply or comment on your newly posted photograph, the major problem with mobile phones and laptops is the blue light emitted from the screen. More than any other colour, blue light messes with your body’s ability to prepare for sleep because it blocks a hormone called melatonin that makes you sleepy. So, keep your gadgets away at least before 30 minutes of your bedtime and use dim lights to have a peaceful sleep.

2. Do not have heavy treats/coffee

Your body will take time to digest heavy foods such as cheese, maida, etc., and you will have disturbed sleep for that night. Caffeine blocks the melatonin hormone or the sleep hormone from being released in the brain. Also, it blocks adenosine reception to ensure that you stay alert. It injects adrenaline into the system and keeps you awake for a particular period. Thus, avoid having coffee or heavy meals after sunset.

Limit your coffee and tea intake to minimize your risk of nutreint deficiency. 

3. Don’t take work to your bed:

Avoid thinking about work after going to bed. Do not send or read work emails during your bedtime. The urge to reply to every new email received commands you to think and derive a decision. Your brain stays active when you keep thinking, you will start planning the work for the next day, and the stress levels would likely increase. When this happens, your sleep cycle gets disturbed because of an improper rest day.

The last word

Your objective behind working out can be to lose weight, build muscle or recover from an injury. Regardless of the objective, rest is a significant part of your workout journey. Ensure to avoid overwork. Follow these simple yet effective tips and keep all the three legs of your tripod, namely the rest, nutrition, and workout in balance to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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