Easy Trick To Help You Perform 108 Rounds Of Surya Namaskar(2023)

One breathe, one pose – Here’s a trick to perform 108 rounds of Surya Namaskar

Don’t look shocked because this is the only trick that will make it happen and of course, it will take its course. But the results are guaranteed and faster than ever.

Hear it from the expert – “Breathing exercises known as pranayama in yoga can help you improve the capacity of your lungs. Along with building lung power and removing toxins from the body, it also builds your stamina. When your stamina levels increase, you are also filled with more positive energy and this can help you perform more cycles of Surya Namaskar. Surya Namaskar, when done without the right breathing techniques, cannot bring you as much benefit as when it is done with the correct breathing. In this way, pranayama helps you to perform more cycles of Surya Namaskar, and thus gain maximum benefit from your practice,” tells Grand Master Akshar to HealthShots.

Here’s how you can practice it

Since there are seven yoga poses, you have to start with an inhale and do a backward bend. Now with an exhale, switch to a forward bend. Now keep switching the breathing pattern along with the upcoming poses. And ta-da! Slowly, you will see that you go up from 10 to 27 to 54, and finally, you will be able to move up to 108 rounds without feeling the heat.

What next can you do to make this pose more effective? Well, the next move will be to add some speed to it. Just remember the faster you go, the sooner you will be able to shed those kilos. But, but, but – don’t forget that the form of each pose is also of great importance if you really want to target every inch of your body.

So gals! The secret is out. Now grab those mats, as it’s Surya Namaskar time!

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