Dry Eyes: Best Eye Drops Good For You In 2023

Best eye drops for dry eyes

We’ve sifted through some of the best over-the-counter eye drops to bring you the cream of the crop for relief from eye strain. These eye-saving elixirs are meant to be effective in combatting eye dryness, redness and irritation.

Isotine Eye Drop Palash Apamarg with 8 herbs

Isotine Eye Drops by Jagat Pharma is infused with the goodness of 8 Ayurvedic herbs, including Palash and Apamarg. These drops provide deep hydration, reduce redness and promote overall eye health. The herbal blend is like a soothing lullaby for your tired eyes, making them feel refreshed and vibrant.

Eye Mantra Ayurvedic Eye Drops

Do your eyes feel the burn after a day full of exposure to the computer screen?
Try Eye Mantra’s Ayurvedic Eye Drops. Enriched with the healing power of Ayurveda, these drops combat dryness, itching, and fatigue with ease. Plus, the compact packaging makes it a must-have for on-the-go eye pampering.

Ayuvision Herbal Eye Drops for Dryness

Ayuvision Herbal Eye Drops are the botanical miracle your eyes have been waiting for. Formulated with Triphala, these drops relieve irritation, redness and dryness while promoting a natural sparkle in your eyes. It’s like a mini herbal vacation for your eyes.

Sunetra Regular Herbal Eyedrops

Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda’s Sunetra Regular Herbal Eyedrops, from Sreedhareeyam, a chain of Ayurvedic ophthalmology centres in the world, are aimed at providing long-lasting relief from dry eyes. A five-pack offering made with herbal ingredients, it is created at the same pH as tears. These eye drops are suitable for daily usage.

Entyce – Rose Water Based Cooling Eye Drops

Jiwadaya Healthcare’s Entyce Eye Drops are the rose-scented oasis your eyes would love. Infused with the cooling goodness of rose water, these can be soothing as eye drops for computer tired eyes. They’re like a spa day for your eyes, minus the hefty price tag.

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