Dislike Mushroom? 5 Health Benefits Of Mushroom You Should Know About(2023)


It’s funny how mushrooms are so conveniently underestimated and placed low in our priority list of foods after cottage cheese, chicken, soya beans, pulses, and basically everything else.

Perhaps the fact that it is a type of fungi and can grow in any place that’s got enough moisture makes us take it for granted. However, nothing can take away from the fact that edible mushrooms have nutritional value that can give the most-expensive health foods a run for their money.

Check out these five proven benefits of mushrooms if you don’t believe us:

Mushrooms are immunity boosters
Mushrooms are packed with proteins, fibre, B vitamins, and selenium (a powerful antioxidant). Together, all these nutrients prevent damage to your cells and tissues, speed up their repair, and strengthen your immunity.

They can make your bones stronger
Mushrooms happen to be a rich source of vitamin D due to the prolonged exposure to UV light they get while growing out in the open. If you didn’t know yet, vitamin D helps absorb calcium in the body which helps strengthen your bones.

They can help you lose weight
According to a study conducted at the Western Regional Research Center, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, mushrooms can help you lose weight as they are super-low in calories. In fact, the high fibre content in them can keep you satiated for long and prevent food cravings.

Mushrooms can also prevent diabetes
The same study talks about the anti-diabetic properties of mushrooms—thanks to the presence of bioactive compounds, including polysaccharides, which have some unparalleled health-promoting properties.

They can protect your heart
In fact, these bioactive compounds can even keep your cholesterol in check, thereby, decreasing the risk of blood pressure and heart-related problems. 

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