Difficulty In Sleeping? 7 Healthy Drinks That Make You Sleep Like A Baby In 2023


1. Chamomile tea
This remedy to promote a good night’s sleep might be ancient, but hot damn it works. Chamomile tea is known to promote calm and reduce stress, thus inducing sleep.

Enlist chamomile tea in service to beat sleeplessness. 

2. Warm milk
Whether it’s cow milk or almond milk–both variations offer tryptophan, which amps up serotonin levels. The result? Peaceful slumber.

3. Ashwagandha tea
Triethylene glycol–the star of this sleep saga. Found in abundance in ashwagandha , it will help you doze off quicker and calm your nerves to ensure uninterrupted sleep.

4. Moon milk
Don’t worry–this is not an expensive, exotic concoction. Rather, it’s a homely concoction made of turmeric, honey, cinnamon, cardamom, and of course milk. It works like a ram-baan for sleeplessness.

Drink this concoction to sleep like a baby. 

5. Banana smoothie
Here magnesium will do the trick for you. By calming your hustled brain, it will actually prep up your body to slip into sleep mode.

6. Caffeine-free green tea
If sleep is involved, then caffeine obviously needs to be out of the question. Rich in theanine, an amino acid which is a fool-proof stress reliever, caffeine-free green tea promotes more restful sleeping patterns.

7. Lemon zest and mint tea
Boil crushed mint leaves and lemon zest in water, and that’s it. The tranquilising properties of lemon and mint will ease out things for you–so that you can sleep your ass off.

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