Diabetic: 5 Moves For People With Diabetes(2023)

This workout plan is custom-made by Yasmin Karachiwala for people with diabetes 

Ms Karachiwala is 100% correct about the energy levels of a diabetic and that’s why this routine is custom made to suit their needs.

The routine shared by Karachiwala has five different moves:

1. March in place

If you can’t step out for a run or a walk and don’t have a treadmill at home then this move is the best way to fix your cardio. This one has to be done for at least 30 seconds.

2. Roll down to plank

Caution! If you have lower back issues then don’t try doing this one. If not, do at least six reps. FYI, it’s a great way to get toned abs.

3. Mini roll down

If you have been avoiding plank variations due to health worries then you can totally do this one because it is low on intensity but it’s impact is big. Do six reps.

4. Side lying bicycle and reverse

This one is a great way to bring movement in your joints and pelvic muscle without any wear and tear. It’s great for people who complain about morning stiffness. Do six reps for this as well.

5. Opposite hand and leg reach

Muscle toning is just one exercise away! This exercise is an overall body workout because it stretches everything from the tip of your finger to the toe. Try doing six reps for this.

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