Detox Water: 5 Ingredients You Need To Make Detox Water(2023)


1. Black pepper
Black pepper is more than a kitchen staple: when you consume this ingredient, it produces heat in your body. This thermal effect wakes up the organs from their slumber, and at the same time, revs up your metabolism! Black pepper is also a storehouse of vitamin A, K, C and minerals like calcium, potassium and sodium.

Sprinkle black pepper on your water every day for good health. 

So if you are suffering from skin pigmentation, then sipping on black pepper-infused water will help you big time. It will help flush out accumulated toxins from your body, and make you feel happy and healthy!

Apart from that, black pepper also helps in boosting your immunity, and improves your vision.

2. Honey
If dry skin is your concern, then think no more, and add a tablespoon of honey in your glass of water. Honey not just adds the right amount of sweetness and flavour, but it also helps in tissue regeneration and energises your body in no time! That’s exactly why drinking warm water with honey is advised before a workout.

What’s more, it is also a hydrating agent, and your answer to glowing skin.

3. Cinnamon powder
Bloating is one of the most common issues we deal with, even more during our periods. Drink a warm glass of water infused with cinnamon powder to banish all your bloating woes!

From weight loss to heart health, this simple cinnamon brew can help you out.

According to a study published in the journal ‘Lipids in Health and Disease’, 16 weeks of oral consumption of cinnamon boosts metabolism and helps to shed those fats pounds!

4. Lemon
We all know this nuskha has been done to death, but it’s one we must hold onto forever! So, if you already follow this ritual, do not drop it for anything in the world. It is your key to weight loss: yes, the enzymes that are present in lemon act as a ‘fat burner’ for your body!

What’s more, lemon water also helps to keep your insulin levels in check, thereby keeping your blood sugar levels in control. That also means your food is digested properly, and the energy released is distributed to every cell in the body, so that there’s no accumulation of fat!

5. Veggie and fruit cubes
This detox water is the most delicious way to lose weight! If you’re always in a hurry, just juice vegetables like cucumber, spinach, apple, berries, and freeze them in ice cube trays. Every morning, add a few ice cubes to a glass of water and drink it up!

Trust desi foods if you want to lose kilos. 

It works like magic for weight loss, and at the same time, keeps your overall health in check! And ladies, it’ll also help you to deal with skin issues.

So lovely ladies, wait no more. Make your detox water with any of these five ingredients, and kickstart your weight loss journey today!

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