Demotivation! 3 Ways To Overcome The Feeling Of Demotivation In 2023

1. Set a routine

One approach could be to determine the timing, when you are supposed to be online and then set a regular work schedule around that time. A basic routine could include waking up at the same time every day, exercising, showering, getting dressed for work (you may consider wearing at least a fresh shirt/top before going online), eating a healthy breakfast, and then making a checklist of everything you need to accomplish during the day. Moreover, filling the extra time that you now have can be spent indulging in a hobby, talking to friends, working out or even reading a book. These activities will certainly keep you motivated!

2. Take A Break

You may also consider creating a mechanism for yourself, in which you can take a short break after you complete a certain task on your checklist. It is important to get a sense of accomplishment on a daily basis. You could also go for a walk, once in the middle of the workday, and once at the end, since walking is a great way to exercise and relax your muscles at the same time.

3. Create a dedicated workspace

While sitting on the couch or attending meetings lying down is comfortable, the same may not hold true when you have to project your undivided attention to a particular task. A dedicated workspace could be a particular area of the house where you work from daily, it could even be a study table inside your room.

What is important is that this designated space must be respected like a conventional workspace by both you and your family. It should be free from all kinds of disturbances, and must be equipped with easy access to all kinds of tools and supplies that are important to deliver your work.

The situation we’re all in is extremely tough and uncertain, but we have to keep going and emerge stronger!

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