Delving Deeper: The Psychology Of Stonewalling In 2023

Delving Deeper: The Psychology of Stonewalling

Stonewalling is more than a mere communication roadblock—it’s a behavioral response deeply rooted in our psychological mechanisms. Often, individuals resort to stonewalling as a defense mechanism against perceived threats, a way to avoid discomfort, or as a form of control in the relationship.

The act of ‘stonewalling’ is generally linked to the fear of confrontation or vulnerability, and it can also stem from learned behaviors from past experiences.

• Fear of Confrontation: Many people dread conflict and choose silence to avoid uncomfortable situations. They perceive confrontation as dangerous and use stonewalling as a shield.

• Control and Power: This behavior can be a way to exert control using silence or withdrawal as a form of punishment or manipulation.

• Fear of Vulnerability: Opening up to another person can be scary. Some individuals use evasive tactics as a protective barrier against feeling exposed or vulnerable.

Understanding the psychology behind stonewalling can help illuminate why your partner might resort to this behavior. It’s a step toward empathetic understanding and, ultimately, healthier dialogue and resolution.

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