Daily Exercise To Boost Your Energy Levels(2023)


Perform these exercises daily to level up your energy

The daily hustle of life sucks all the energy out of those that even sleep fails to revive. In those, try out these exercises as suggested by our expert to feel more confident and empowered within yourself all day.

Kapalbhati pranayama has massive health benefits. 

1. Kapalabhati

It’s a kriya as well as Paranyama which involves short active inhalations and passive exhalations. “This kriya produces heat in the body, thus dissolving toxins and waste matter. It also enhances the functioning of the kidneys and liver and boosts energy levels by clearing all the nerves and meridians. Also, it brings an eternal glow from within,” shares Narang.

How to practice Kapalbhati kriya?

1. Sit down in a comfortable position with your back and spine erect.
2. Keep your hands on the knees with your arms facing towards the sky.
3. Take a deep inhalation of breath.
4. You have to pull your stomach as you exhale.
5. You will sense your abdominal muscles contracting on your stomach.
6. Now exhale and relax.

2. Engine daud

“This warm-up exercise has 3 parts- jumping while hitting the heels to hips, extending fisted arms alternatively (like you are punching someone) and active exhalations from the nose, “tells the expert.

Doing this warm-up for 60-90 seconds makes the blood rush in all parts of the body thus energizing the whole body at once. It also improves stamina, muscle coordination and cardiovascular endurance.

3. Pindali Shakti Vikasak Kriya

“It is a holistic movement exercise that performs its function one the leg, core and shoulders together, which further produces energy in the whole system while producing sweat at the same time, “ says the expert.

Perform these quick exercises daily if. Image court you want to feel fresh and have a boost of energy! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

How to practice this kriya?

1. Extend your fisted arms in the front at shoulder level.
2. Exhale while squatting all your way down.
3. Inhale as you come up while doing an arm rotation.
4. Bring the fists in front of the chest (elbows pointing out) and push the arms down as you exhale. Repeat this kriya 10-15 times for the best results.

4. Surya Namaskar

It is the most popular yoga flow that works on all the primary energy centres of the body together. Alongside, it also helps in weight loss, betters complexion, helps curb insomnia, and ensures improved functioning of the digestive tract, to name a few.

The expert goes on to name all the 12 asanas that start from Pranam Mudra to Hatha Uttanasana, Padhasta Asana, Ashwasanchalan, Dandasana, Ashtanga Namaskar, Bhujang, Parvatasana, AshwaSanchalan, Dandasana, Hatha Uttanasana, Pranam Mudra.

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