6 Cues To Ascertain Quality Sleep In 2023

Healthy sleep may come down to tricking your body (and your brain) into having better, longer, and more restorative downtime. Here are a few ideas for boosting sleep quality and sleep duration:

Establish a sleep routine

Having  a regular bed time and sticking to it can train your body to get better sleep. Stick to a schedule even on weekends, holidays, and vacations.

Kick Fido out of the room

You may adore sleeping with your fluffy family members, but research shows pet owners who let their animals sleep with them have more sleep disruption and get lower quality sleep.

Cut out caffeine

Even if you only drink it during the day, the stimulant may keep you from getting shut-eye at night. Don’t consume foods or beverages that contain caffeine any later than mid-afternoon. That includes:

  • tea
  • soft drinks
  • chocolate

Put down your phone

Vow to put away any and all electronics at least one hour before bed. The bright lights can stimulate your brain, which may make sleep more difficult.

Say no to a nightcap

If you sip on wine while watching TV, it’s time to break the habit. That’s because alcohol interferes with your brainwaves and natural sleep patterns.

Even if you sleep through the night, you won’t wake up feeling rested.

The bottom line

Good sleep is about establishing good habits.

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