Cuddling Your Pet! 5 Reasons Why Cuddling Your Pet Is Essential In 2023

5 Reasons Why You Should Cuddle Your Pet

A pet can help to get rid of boredom in your life and make you more playful. This can bring new energy to your daily life, says Dr Choudary. Here are more reasons to cosy up!

1. Cuddling a pet can help to get rid of anxiety

Anxiety is a common mental health issue where there is increased heart beat, sweating and you might feel restless, says the expert. This generally occurs when you constantly think about something and are constantly worried. Cuddling your pet will stimulate the release of the neurotransmitters — dopamine and serotonin. They might help to make you feel happier. Cuddling your pet is an effective way to tackle anxiety. This simple act can create a calming effect and help you to focus on the present moment instead of thinking of things that worry you.

2. Helps to deal with stress

Work or home, stress seems to follow everyone. Cuddling your pet helps to release oxytocin, which is associated with trust and relationship building. This can make you feel less stressed and uplift your mood. A study by the University of British Columbia Okanagan has revealed that cuddling a dog has proven to benefit a person’s well-being, and that it’s a surefire way to reduce stress.

3. Cuddling a pet can reduce depression symptoms

When you spend time with your pet, you might engage in various activities like cuddling, snuggling and playing with them. While doing so, you have to be very active. You have to follow a daily schedule based on your pet’s habits and needs during playful activities, says the expert. You also go through a lot of physical exercises. And when that happens, there is secretion of a hormone called serotonin in the brain, which is a natural anti-depressant.

Pets can uplift your mood. 

4. Can lower chances of dying from heart attack or stroke

Having a cat means rubbing their bellies, listening to them purring and lots of cuddling. A study published in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology has shown that owning a cat might decrease a person’s risk of dying from heart attack or stroke. The sound of cat’s purr might also help to calm your nerves and lower your blood pressure

5. Can give positive vibes

You can cuddle your cat or dog anytime, but doing it for a few minutes before getting out of bed in the morning can make you feel relaxed and happy. It will help with the positive vibes, something that you need every morning.

There is no specific guideline on how to cuddle a pet, but just be gentle and observe your pet’s behaviour!

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