Crow Pose: Health Update On Crow Pose(2023)

What’s crow pose all about?

First things first, this yoga pose is not for beginners. There is absolutely no harm in trying, but make sure to find a proper place, otherwise you might get hurt.

Crow pose is THE magic trick for weight loss. 

First of all, don’t mix the bakasana or crane pose with the crow pose. They both are very different from each other. The key difference between the two poses is that crow pose is performed with bent arms, whereas the crane pose is performed with straight arms.

If you’re a beginner, the crow pose is the first step before you attempt to go into the advanced version of bakasana or crane pose. While bakasana is a test of your arm, and wrist strength, kakasana also challenges your core along with your arms, legs, wrist, and shoulders.

Here’s how the crow pose will aid you in weight loss

Kakasana brings tremendous benefits to your physical and mental health. This pose brings all the body weight to the arms and legs, thus increasing their strength,” says yoga expert Grand Master Akshar.

He adds, “Kakasana strenghten arms and wrist. This pose stretches the upper back and massages the spine, improving the flow of blood to the spine. Kakasana strengthens the abdominal area too. This asana teaches us better balance, brings awareness to the body, and also prepares us to perform more intense arm balancing asanas.”

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